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Guns N\' Roses - Use Your Illusion I (1991) (MFSL UDCD-711) [EAC-FLAC][]


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General Info:
Artist: GUNS N\' ROSES
Album: Use Your Illusion I (MFSL UDCD-711)

1. \"Right Next Door to Hell\" (Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Timo Caltia) – 3:02
2. \"Dust N\' Bones\" (Slash, Stradlin, Duff McKagan) – 4:58
3. \"Live and Let Die\" (Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney) – 3:04
4. \"Don\'t Cry (Original)\" (Rose, Stradlin) – 4:45
5. \"Perfect Crime\" (Rose, Slash, Stradlin) – 2:24
6. \"You Ain\'t the First\" (Stradlin) – 2:36
7. \"Bad Obsession\" (Stradlin, West Arkeen) – 5:28
8. \"Back Off Bitch\" (Rose, Paul Tobias) – 5:04
9. \"Double Talkin\' Jive\" (Stradlin) – 3:24
10. \"November Rain\" (Rose) – 8:58
11. \"The Garden\" (features Alice Cooper) (Rose, Arkeen, Del James) – 5:22
12. \"Garden of Eden\" (Rose, Slash) – 2:42
13. \"Don\'t Damn Me\" (Rose, Slash, Dave Lank) – 5:19
14. \"Bad Apples\" (Rose, Slash, Stradlin, McKagan) – 4:28
15. \"Dead Horse\" (Rose) – 4:18
16. \"Coma\" (Rose, Slash) – 10:14


* Axl Rose – lead vocals, piano (track 10)
* Slash – lead guitar, acoustic guitar
* Izzy Stradlin – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals (tracks 2, 6, 9)
* Duff McKagan – bass, backing vocals
* Matt Sorum – drums, percussion
* Dizzy Reed – organ, piano, keyboards, clavinet (track 14), backing vocals

* Shannon Hoon – vocals (tracks 4, 6), backing vocals
* Johann Langlie – synthesizer programming, sound effects (track 16)
* Matthew McKagan, Jon Trautwein, Rachel West, Robert Clark – horns (track 3)
* Tim Doyle – tambourine (track 6)
* Michael Monroe – saxophone and harmonica (track 7)
* Stu Bailey, Reba Shaw – backing vocals (track 10)
* Alice Cooper – vocals (track 11)
* West Arkeen – acoustic guitar (track 11)
* Mike Clink – nutcracker (track 15)
* Bruce Foster – sound effects (track 16)
* Susanne Filkins, Patricia Fuenzalida, Rose Mann, Monica Zierhut-Soto, Michelle Loiselle, Diane Mitchell - bitches (track 16)

Review taken from
Let\'s get something straight: Axl Rose has a machine-gun mouth, and he\'ll probably never live down that ugly \"immigrants and faggots\"

line in \"One in a Million.\" But Rose does not discriminate. He\'s pissed off at everybody, and on Use Your Illusion I – a sixteen-song tour

de spleen so physically assaultive, verbally incendiary and at times downright screwy that it\'s hard to believe there\'s a sister disc out

there just like it – Guns n\' Roses fire on all comers and take no prisoners.
Women get it particularly hard. \"I call my mother/She\'s just a cunt now,\" Rose barks in the wrecking-ball boogie \"Bad Obsession.\" The

title \"Back Off Bitch\" speaks for itself; steaming guitars, killer chorus, shame about the words. Music-biz \"kiss-ass sycophants\" get their

just desserts in \"Garden of Eden,\" along with organized religion and the weasels who hold elected office. For all-purpose fuck-you fun,

there\'s \"Perfect Crime\" (\"Motherfucker just let me be\") and guitarist Izzy Stradlin\'s bulldozing bagman blues \"Double Talkin\' Jive\" (\"Get

the money, mother-fucker/\'Cause I got no more patience\"). Like Rose sings in Illusion I\'s sole cover, a so-so version of \"Live and Let

Die\" that just sounds like Wings on steroids, \"When ya got a job to do, ya got to do it well/You gotta give the other fella hell.\" If nothing

else, I is a bumper crop of fuzz-fueled invective and pump-action verse, a thousand points of spite.
If it was just down to riffs, hooks and body-slam sonics, loving Use Your Illusion I (by itself the equivalent of a double LP) would be no

problem. Imagine Exile on Main Street\'s epic grunge, the shotgun eclecticism of the Beatles\' White Album and the lunatic pagan sport of

Alice Cooper\'s Love It to Death and Killer albums (Alice himself pops up on one track), all whipped together with the junkyard grace of

Rocks-era Aerosmith. That breathless Exile feeling is especially ripe on rockers like \"Right Next Door to Hell\" and \"Perfect Crime,\" in

which you can barely make sense of Rose\'s rapid-fire yelp over the molten guitar soup of Slash and Stradlin. \"Dust n\' Bones,\" sung by

Stradlin, is grim n\' greasy, feral guitars and funeral-parlor keys echoing Izzy\'s shorthand yarn of sex and psychosis out on Highway 666.
There are backfires. The ballad \"Don\'t Cry,\" a relic of the Gunners\' L.A. club days, is too sweet and pleading; Rose is more convincing

busting chops. Slash\'s classical-guitar break at the end of \"Double Talkin\' Jive\" comes out of nowhere and should have stayed there. But

\"November Rain,\" overlong at almost nine minutes and overrich with electro-orchestration, has a cool, \"Layla\"-like coda with sublime

high-wire guitar by Slash. In \"Dead Horse,\" Rose\'s desultory acoustic complaint bookends a stunning, volcanic outburst of electric

Aero-Stones slammin\'.
On the other hand, it\'s not enough to simply be indignant about Illusion I\'s verbal rancor. You ought to be scared for the future. Get past

the \"parental advisory\" buzzwords and you hear a declaration of insolence fueled by self-righteous anger and fearful confusion. Guns n\'

Roses\' rock & roll niggers-with-attitude act, however indefensible at times, is emblematic of a greater adolescent cancer: an almost

total loss of hope compounded by blind, impotent rage and the perverted Reagan-Bush morality in which the actual cloth of the Stars

and Stripes is deemed more holy than the freedom and humanity for which it stands.
It\'s all there in \"Don\'t Damn Me,\" the best song on the record and a striking crystallization of Rose\'s – and his generation\'s – dilemma.

\"So I stepped into your world/I kicked you in the mind,\" Rose declares in a proud full-moon howl against fierce staccato guitars and a

galloping rhythm section. \"But look at what we\'ve done/To the innocent and young/Whoa listen to who\'s talking/\'Cause we\'re not the

only ones/The trash collected by the eyes/And dumped into the brain/Said it tears into our conscious thoughts/You tell me who\'s to

blame.\" Empowered by celebrity and his own rock & roll might, even Rose feels dazed and helpless, violently seesawing between \"Don\'t

damn me!\" and \"Don\'t hail me!\" as the band explodes behind him in one last orgasmic, twin-guitar rush.
Was Use Your Illusion I worth the wait, the traumas and the onstage tantrums? Yes, if only for \"Don\'t Damn Me\" and the album\'s

ten-minute closer, \"Coma,\" a locomotive parable about suicide dreams and troubled resurrection. A few tracks (\"Live and Let Die,\" the

weird art-metal nightmare \"The Garden\") could have stayed on the outtakes shelf and no one would have minded. But the Gunners\'

anything-worth-doing-is-worth-overdoing spirit is a bracing slap at the reigning fascism of studio perfection.
For better and worse, Illusion I also mirrors the turmoil in Teenage Wasteland, one nation under a grudge. \"Not bad kids, just stupid

ones,\" Rose snaps in \"Right Next Door to Hell.\" \"Yeah, thought we\'d own the world.\" This is the sound of that dream all shot to hell.

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