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Flatout 2


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Date Tuesday, 30 December 2008 at 16:23:29
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First start the Info file and then follow onscreen instructions. Good about the game: * Cars and tracks wreck and deform wonderfully * New plenty of content to mess with throughout the career mode, stunt mode, and online play mode, the stunt mode. * mostly good soundtrack * stunts can be a real hoot. As much fun as the Burnout series of racing games can be, sometimes you want something a little grittier and grimier than the glossy, pristine-looking races that series has had on offer in recent years. Enter last year's FlatOut by developer Bugbear, a demolition racer in the purest sense. That game consisted of big, clunky, filthy-looking cars that deformed in all sorts of spectacular ways while flying through the air, crashing into one another, and even periodically sending the drivers of said vehicles crashing through the windshield in a rag-doll-heavy heap. In FlatOut 2, the same basic concepts found throughout the original game are once again on display, but while more content has been added to the package to try to flesh things out, it is with these additions that FlatOut 2 begins to lose its way. FlatOut 2 throws in some new, stylistic touches both in its content and aesthetics that make it feel more like a clone of other established arcade racers, rather than something original. And some of the things that Bugbear didn't change still prove as problematic as they were a year ago. However, these irritations don't suck away all the game's enjoyment, and those with a penchant for smashing and crashing cars will find FlatOut 2 an appealing piece of work. Thanks for downloading and ceep SEEDING!! Ripped and cracked by tHEEgODFATHEER d;

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