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ExploitedCollegeGirls - Katie - 2nd Model


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Date Saturday, 11 September 2010 at 15:51:37
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Description: Katie
School: Mesa Community College
Year: Sophomore
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Figure: 34B-22-28
EyeColor: Green

21 year old Katie is going to be 'Nurse Katie' very soon. That is, if she can stop banging her class mates for a minute and focus on school work. Yes, you read that right - Katie fucks her class mates. She is that girl in class you jerked off to while imagining she's getting nailed by you and your buddies every afternoon. Except this one's real. In fact, if what she says is true, Katie has more sex than I do. She tells us about her sexual exploits (most recent one: this fucking morning!!), about her preferences, her tastes in men (not boys - men), random crazy shit in her life, and her hippie mom. Now, you're reading this and are probably like 'c'mon, Steve, you're just saying that, she's not really a nympho!'. Well, she certainly is. She just also happens to be very bright and you and me aren't used to that sort of thing. Whore or smarts, right? You'll quickly learn that with Katie we get both. She tells us all about herself while she packs her face up with makeup, goes through her mountain of clothes, and fills out the form that will probably end her nursing career with one pen stroke (aka my model release form). You already know that none of my shit is ever scripted (like these girls could remember lines! LOL!) so be prepared for some wild revelations coming out of this seemingly wholesome girl. Personally, I was shocked at some of the naughty things coming out of her mouth. I look at her while she's saying these things and in my head I go "really...? You do *that*?"

So why does someone like Katie fuck so much? Here's the secret: misplaced pity. She doesn't quite call it that but pay attention to one of the reasons she gives for having sex with someone. Then remember she is going to be a nurse. Now, most nurses have some sort of "helper syndrome". Get it? You will once you're done watching this video.
I love it when a girl is a pleaser by nature. Love it. Because she does anything and everything for you. She won't complain or say no because that would mean she is not taking care of you properly. Nurse Katie here is one such specimen. The fact that she's really fucking cute helps. With all that sexual experience she's obviously very good at doing the nasty, too. If you don't burst watching her give head I'm afraid there's no saving you. Hot stuff.
At this point I'd like to do an open letter to Canon. 'Dear Canon, please stop making camcorder batteries that suck. Don't make these overpriced pieces of junk say they're almost full when they're not. I have a porno shoot to get through. Thanks.'
So yes,while I'm fucking Katie doggy style, I realize that my damn batteries are starting to run out. I have to hurry through my exploits a bit but frankly that's fine because I feel like I'm about to unload my jizz in her little pussy any moment - and if you paid attention during the interview you'll know that's not gonna fly with her. Reminds me, Katie is probably one of only a handfull of girls (ever!) to WANT me to cum on their face. Again, it's in the video as to why that is. One of my favorite things about Katie doesn't become evident until later, after I've fucked her doggy and missionary and have her suck me off: Katie likes licking ass. In fact, she says she loves doing it but is always afraid doing that for her boy toys (ooops! She doesn't like calling 'em that. She 'respects them too much'), so she's more than happy to oblige when I tell her to stick her tongue in me. And boy she does. She goes crazy, rimming me out with deep-tongue and so much enthusiasm, I was about to propose marriage to the girl.

I don't know what more to tell you about Katie, she pretty much spills it all in the video. And then some. You'll probably feel like you've known her for years by the time we get to the fuckin'. Luckily she lives close by. She also likes girls (Final reason to not miss the getting-ready part of this vid: lesbian sex with strap-ons. I say no more), so maybe I'll have her come back to do a nice threeway, or some anal. I know our little nympho nurse is up for it. You decide.

Type: Movie Clip
Content: Amateur, Hardcore, Straight, Teen
File Type: Wmv
Size: 762 MB

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