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Episode 1 "Thwack" Scott Ellis Jenji Kohan 1.26[20] August 16, 2010 (2010-08-16) Nancy must think fast in the wake of Pilar's murder at Shane's hands. Deciding to head back to Ren Mar and swap her car for Andy's van, she collects what she can from Esteban's house and leaves. Silas is disturbed by his younger brother's dark side and Andy must choose whether or not to accompany Nancy as she and the family flee or to stay and work things out with Audra, who he bailed on and left at the mercy of Gayle, the psychotic anti-abortionist. Cesar sees the video footage of Shane murdering Pilar and decides to cover it up. The Botwins hit the road. Episode 2 "Felling and Swamping" Scott Ellis Victoria Morrow 1.04[21] August 23, 2010 (2010-08-23) Nancy struggles to find a destination for her and her family, while discovering that the F.B.I. have been brought in to investigate Pilar's murder. After being turned away at the Canadian border check, the Botwins find themselves in a motel where they forge new identities for themselves. The Botwins become the Newmans; Nancy is Nathalie, Shane is Sean, Silas is Mike, Andy is Randy and the baby is named Avi. Nancy pledges to make their new life as normal as possible. Meanwhile, Esteban must deal with the authorities while trying to track down his missing wife and son. Episode 3 "A Yippity Sippity" Tate Donovan Brendan Kelly 1.02[22] August 30, 2010 (2010-08-30) While Shane babysits Stevie, Nancy, Andy and Silas become scab workers at a Seattle hotel while the regular staff is on strike. As the maid, Nancy must clean up an unappealing mess, while Andy the dishwasher has problems with the head chef and Silas the bellhop is given an unusual proposition from a wealthy patron. While on the job, Nancy jumps at an opportunity to gain extra income by selling hash. Back in Ren Mar, Cesar and Ignacio confront Doug with a gun. Episode 4 "Bliss" Eric Jewett Stephen Falk 0.96[23] September 13, 2010 (2010-09-13) The Newmans begin to settle into their new life, as Nancy makes a deal with the hotel concierge to supply hash to guests and Shane makes nice with a group of mothers at the park, although they quickly become suspicious of him. Silas becomes interested in college, and college girls in particular. After being interrogated by Cesar and Ignacio, Doug unwittingly leads them to a homeless man who found Andy's old cell phone. Ignacio accidentally kills the homeless man, and Doug must help Cesar dispose of the body. Andy is promoted to sous-chef, and he reluctantly supplies Nancy with used cooking oil, who uses it to barter for weed with a lesbian couple. On their way back from the trade, Nancy and Andy are confronted by cops. Episode 5 "Boomerang" Scott Ellis Stephen Falk September 20, 2010 Having had her van booted by the cops and, fearing the authorities will eventually track them down through the registration, Nancy decides to leave Seattle behind. Andy confronts her about the feelings that exist between the two of them, and she "releases" him from the hope of anything ever happening between them. Silas is devestated about having to leave a normal life behind and Shane manages to bluff his way out of a tough situation with the mommy group. Cesar and Ignacio, with Doug in tow, manage to track the Botwins to their motel and take Shane hostage, while the mommy group calls in child services to take Stevie and Latrice, Nancy's rival at the hotel, discovers her scheme and decides to get even for being left out. Episode 6 "A Shoe for a Shoe" Michael Trim David Holstein September 27, 2010 (2010-09-27) Nancy manages to dodge the situation with Latrice and child services, while Cesar suggests a trade off: Stevie for Shane. Ignacio takes Shane and Doug to wait in a diner, where Silas and Andy have coincidentally decided to wait for Nancy to return from the negotiations. Silas and Andy are soon discovered, while Nancy shoots Cesar in the leg with a crossbow and takes his gun. Nancy goes to the diner, where she winds up in a mexican stand-off with Ignacio, negotiatng the freedom of her family. Ignacio is sure she won't shoot him, until Shane takes the gun from her and Ignacio, acquainted with Shane's dark side, lets them go. The Botwins, reunited with Doug, find themselves on the run once again. Episode 7 "Pinwheels and Whirligigs" Mike Uppendahl Carly Mensch October 4, 2010 (2010-10-04) The Botwins and Doug have made it to Montana and Nancy decides to take a break from running and treat the family to an afternoon at a local carnival. Andy and Silas enter themselves in a butter sculpture contest to win a luxury class RV unaware that, rather than making a sculpture out of butter, they must eat a butter sculpture. New connections are formed among the family; Silas and Andy bond over a joint, Shane makes Nancy see the similarities between them and Doug bonds with Stevie. Silas wins the contest, but must leave the RV behind in order to remain anonymous. Episode 8 "Gentle Puppies" Scott Ellis Victoria Morrow 0.93[27] October 11, 2010 (2010-10-11) After buying an RV that was once owned by a pastor, the Botwins settle in a small, off the grid town. Nancy's growing frustration about their new lifestyle leads her to an out of the way bar, where she gets drunk and has angry sex with the owner, Jack. Andy and Doug soon make a reputation in the town when the pass themselves off as pastors, and Shane sets them up with a series of appointments to make money. The next day, Jack's wife shows up and tries to attack Nancy, while Andy and Doug are exposed as frauds and the townspeople drive the Botwins back onto the road. Episode 9 "To Moscow, and Quickly" Michael Trim David Holstein & Carly Mensch October 18, 2010 (2010-10-18) Traveling through Colorado, Nancy notices that Stevie's stool has turned green and insists on taking him to see a pediatrician. While peddling hash to parents at a children's concert, Silas tries to teach Shane a lesson about responsibility by making Shane think he had lost the hash money and Doug bonds with some of the performers. The doctor's diagnosis for Stevie's condition is not serious, but it begins to make Nancy fear the effect their lifestyle may be having on Stevie, which prompts Nancy to make a radical decision: pull off one giant hash sell and move the family to Copenhagen. Episode 10 "Dearborn-Again" Scott Ellis Roberto Benabib & Matthew Salsberg October 25, 2010 (2010-10-25) Nancy returns to her hometown of Dearborn, Michigan and calls upon her old high school teacher Warren Schiff (with whom she also had an affair) to help hide her family while they secure fake passports. Warren feeds Silas' curiosity about his teen-aged mother and, after learning about her high school boyfriend, starts to doubt that Judah was his real father. Andy has no luck acquiring passports but manages to trade the RV with a family who was living out of their car. Nancy re-connects with a guy she went to high school with, Ellis. To help move the hash, Andy mixes it with alcohol, Red Bull and Ritalin to create a new drug. Silas and Shane take a trip to visit Silas' possible biological father, and Shane swipes his hair brush to do a DNA test. Ellis is revealed to have been tracking the Botwins, and makes a phone call to an unknown person to say that he has found them. Episode 11 "Viking Pride" Michael Trim Brendan Kelly & Tara Herrmann 0.99[30] November 1, 2010 (2010-11-01) Hooman Jaka fixes Nancy up with a man who can get fake passports, and sends Andy to make the deal with a man named Daoud Mahmud. Silas bonds with Lars, his suspected biological father while Nancy's suspicions are raised about Ellis Tate by Warren, leading her to search through old yearbooks where she discovers Ellis is not who he says he is. She confronts him and he reveals himself to be Vaughan Coleman, an investigative journalist who has been tracking her since she left San Diego who plans to write a story about her life. He offers to help expose "the bad guys" before they find her first, and Nancy agrees to go on record about her life. Andy tells Hooman about his Mahmud's offer, and the two decide to help each other out. Episode 12 "Fran Tarkenton" David Warren Stephen Falk November 8, 2010 Doug returns to Agrestic for his passport, and discovers that his ex-wife Dana has remarried and his children have forgotten him. Andy fakes Hooman's death to trick Mahmud into supplying the passports, but the ruse is unsuccessful and Andy must barter with Mahmud's wife for the passports. A paternity test proves that Lars is Silas's real father, and he decides to stay behind instead of going to Copenhagen. Nancy is interviewed by Vaughan about her life, in return for the money needed to get the family out of the country. She returns the next morning to discover his hotel room has been ransacked, and she is ambushed by Guillermo Garcia Gomez and Esteban, who has somehow tracked her down.

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