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Unreal Tournament GOTY - 2011 Edition (HD x32 + x64) -Winall


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Date Wednesday, 29 December 2010 at 16:07:10
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Proudly Presents: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Game: Unreal Tournament : Game of the Year Edition : 2011 Edition (Unofficial) Developer: Epic Games Minimum Requirements: DirectX10 Card (Though cards for DirectX9 may work, they will not exemplify DX10\\\'s features), Windows Vista, 1GB ram (4 preferred), 4GB hard drive space, 512MB graphic card(High-end 2007 Card). _____________________________________________________________________________________________ UTGOTY for Windows Vista/Windows 7 Included in this pack: *Patch 451b *DirectX10: Direct3D for implementation of some of the best UT can offer(DirectX11 driver may be available in the future) DirectX10 drivers also work well with S3TC as well as fix the ugly Multi-core problem other drivers seem to have. Support for 1080P+ (I use 1440p but this should work with 1600p and perhaps hgher). *Extreme End Pack S3TC Textures (All made to date. (More are likely to come in the future.) *High End Pack S3TC (Other textures not available by the Extreme End Pack) *Epic Games: S3TC Texture Pack from CD2 of UTGOTY(Other textures not available by either the High End Pack or the Extreme End Pack)*Seperate archive including mundane, unnecessary files for the game as well as, the original texture files, OpenGL(and older OpenGL), and old Direct3D drivers for those on Windows XP as well as an older machine that cant want to play newer textures. *Optimized UnrealTournament.ini file for the best Graphic and Audio performance. (High Digital Quality Audio, Antialiasing, aniscoptric filtering, among other audio/video settings) **Please Note**: Some anti-cheat servers have specific files that check for cheats and mistakenly identify new textures as well as the drivers as cheats. This may be able to be worked around.. Stay tuned. Also: these textures do not work with Unreal Editor, use the ones in the Extras.7z file for that as well. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract UT.7z to the folder of your desire with your favorite extractor (WinRAR, 7-zip, etc..), Run UnrealTournament.exe from the \\\\SYSTEM\\\\ folder. PLAY! Join us at ______________________________________________________________________________________________ *****Thanks in the main dir of the game once extracted there is dxwebsetup.exe vcredist_x86.exe install them both and try running the game ..

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