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Collection of Wordlist (Dictionaries) for cracking WiFi WPA/WPA2


Information about Collection of Wordlist (Dictionaries) for cracking WiFi WPA/WPA2

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Date Thursday, 31 March 2011 at 02:30:05
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Collection of Wordlist (Dictionaries) for cracking WiFi WPA/WPA2 WiFi WPA/WPA2 Cracking Passwords Dictionary Wordlists These are all collected from the internet. I did not make them. They all have the original names they were downloaded with. I didnΓΓé¼Γäót stuff them so you can pick and choose the ones you donΓΓé¼Γäót have yourself. If you have some different list or dictionaries please put them up so we can all share. -- WARNING -- WARNING -- WARNING -- THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN NETWORK TESTING PURPOSES ONLY. Unauthorized access of other people's networks is illegal. -- WARNING -- WARNING -- WARNING -- PLEASE NOTE *************************** PLEASE NOTE ************************** I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A COPY OF TAMOSOFT COMMVIEW FOR WIFI 6.3 WITH CRACK IΓΓé¼ΓäóM USING A (30 DAY) EVALUATION VERSION OF COMMVIEW FOR WIFI 6.3 BUILD 689. * BUILD 691 IS NOW AVAILABLE SOMEONE PLEASE CRACK A VERSION OF COMMVIEW WiFi 6.3 Also looking for a copy of TAMOSOFTΓΓé¼ΓäóS NETRESIDENT W/CRACK ******************************************************************************* WARNING - LEGALLY SPEAKING IT IS AGENST THE LAW FOR YOU TO HACK OR ATTEMPT TO HACK ANYONEΓΓé¼ΓäóS ACCESS POINT(S) (AP) WITHOUT PERMISSION. I DONΓΓé¼ΓäóT EXCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITS MISUSE, AND BY DOWNLOADING YOU AGREE ******************************************************************************* **************** PLEASE CRACK THE COMMVIEW FOR WiFi 6.3 ******************* EVALUATION VERSIONS CAN BE FOUND AT TAMOS.COM This is my first torrent ever created/uploaded. If there is something I did wrong please let me know!

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Filename Size
oCustom-WPA.txt 1.9 GB
wordlist.txt 1.9 GB
word.txt 1.9 GB
Words.txt 234.1 MB
davajj_ultimate_wordlist.txt 214.7 MB
10dig10miluplow4.txt 114.4 MB
10dig10miluplow2.txt 114.4 MB
10dig10miluplow.txt 114.4 MB
10dig10milup2.txt 114.4 MB
10dig10miluplow3.txt 114.4 MB
10dig10milup.txt 114.4 MB
wordlist-final.txt 102 MB
8dig10millow2.txt 95.4 MB
8dig10milup.txt 95.4 MB
10million upper lower case num 1-9 special chars.txt 95.4 MB
8dig10millow.txt 95.4 MB
8dig10miluplow3.txt 95.4 MB
8dig10milup2.txt 95.4 MB
8dig10miluplow.txt 95.4 MB
8dig10miluplow2.txt 95.4 MB
10dig5miluplow3.txt 57.2 MB
10dig5milup1.txt 57.2 MB
10dig5milup2.txt 57.2 MB
10dig5miluplow4.txt 57.2 MB
10dig5miluplow2.txt 57.2 MB
10dig5miluplow.txt 57.2 MB
10dig5milup3.txt 57.2 MB
argon-outher.txt 51.6 MB
8dig5milup3.txt 47.7 MB
8dig5miluplow2.txt 47.7 MB
8dig5miluplow3.txt 47.7 MB
8dig5milup.txt 47.7 MB
8dig5milup2.txt 47.7 MB
8dig5miluplow.txt 47.7 MB
wpa.txt 37.3 MB
english.txt 31.8 MB
names.txt 18.6 MB
10dig1miluplow tried.txt 11.4 MB
_hugedb.txt 8.4 MB
words.finnish.txt 3.3 MB
_Words.txt 3.3 MB
Some_passw_12.txt 2.2 MB
Unabr.txt 2.2 MB
words.english.txt 2.2 MB
words.german.txt 2.1 MB
words.dutch.txt 1.9 MB
words.czech.txt 1.8 MB
Some_passw_27.txt 1.5 MB
words.afrikaans.txt 1.4 MB
length08.txt 1.3 MB
length07.txt 1.1 MB
words.polish.txt 998 KB
passwordlist.txt 988 KB
words.spanish.txt 915 KB
length06.txt 886 KB
Some_passw_21.txt 860 KB
words.latin.txt 830 KB
Some_passw_28.txt 733 KB
words.norwegian.txt 636 KB
Some_passw_24.txt 629 KB
Some_passw_26.txt 629 KB
Some_passw_25.txt 629 KB
words.italian.txt 608 KB
length05.txt 570 KB
words.swedish.txt 439 KB
length04.txt 309 KB
words.danish.txt 278 KB
words.croatian.txt 274 KB 243 KB
Some_passw_23.txt 223 KB
movie-characters.txt 195 KB
Some_passw_18.txt 104 KB

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