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Seeds 1305
Peers 253
Size 7.5 GB
Date Friday, 20 May 2011 at 06:40:49
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Category Games Unsorted
Hash f785afffcb367a062477886bfba1b2bd5d2f0d9d
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FROM : morakugi1980 on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at 08:37:07
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FROM : Kelsiris on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 22:07:33
10x uploader
FROM : Brand0n on Sunday, 22 May 2011 at 05:05:31
thanks - S K I D R O W the leading force proudly presents Fable III (c) Microsoft 17-05-2011........Release Date Protection......SecuROM + G4WL RPG..................Game Type Disk(s)..................1 DVD RELEASE NOTES It's a Revolution! Fable III is the next blockbuster installment in the highly praised Fable franchise. Five decades have passed since Fable II, and Albion has matured into an industrial revolution. However, the fate of the kingdom is at peril. Lead a revolution to take control of Albion, fight alongside your people, and experience love and loss while defending the kingdom against a looming threat. Your choices as ruler will lead to consequences felt across the entire land. Who will you become? A rebel without a cause, the tyrant you rebelled against, or the greatest ruler to ever live? Features Exciting PC features: Built from the ground up for the PC gamer Experience the "hardcore mode" option for greater difficulty, enjoy additional in-game content, and even play Fable 3 in stunning 3D thanks to NVIDIA technology! Be the hero and forge your own destiny: Storytelling comes to life as "Fable III" puts you and your hero in the center of an epic journey that traces your rise from revolutionary to ruler Where blockbuster action meets adventure: Your journey spans from the streets of a thriving and industrialized Albion to the surrounding battlefields Choice and consequence: A core tenet of the Fable franchise, players are presented with infinite choices and consequences that impact the world INSTALL NOTES 1. Unpack the release 2. Mount or burn image 3. Install using serial: 11111-11111-11111-11111-11111 4. Run setup.exe from the UPDATE folder on the DVD to update game 5. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation 6. Play the game 7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy! ADDITIONAL NOTES You need to make an offline Games For Windows Live profile, for being able to save

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Filename Size
skidrow.nfo 13 KB
sr-fable3.r00 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r01 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r02 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r03 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r04 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r05 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r06 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r07 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r08 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r09 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r10 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r11 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r12 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r13 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r14 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r15 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r16 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r17 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r18 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r19 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r20 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r21 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r22 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r23 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r24 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r25 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r26 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r27 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r28 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r29 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r30 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r31 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r32 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r33 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r34 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r35 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r36 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r37 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r38 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r39 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r40 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r41 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r42 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r43 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r44 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r45 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r46 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r47 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r48 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r49 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r50 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r51 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r52 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r53 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r54 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r55 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r56 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r57 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r58 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r59 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r60 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r61 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r62 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r63 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r64 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r65 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r66 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r67 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r68 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r69 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r70 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r71 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r72 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r73 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r74 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r75 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r76 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r77 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r78 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r79 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.r80 5.4 MB
sr-fable3.rar 95.4 MB
sr-fable3.sfv 2 KB


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