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Facebook Hacker v1.9 - 2012 update


Information about Facebook Hacker v1.9 - 2012 update

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Seeds 310
Peers 170
Size 1.1 MB
Date Monday, 09 July 2012 at 09:34:09
Comments 0
Category Applications Unsorted
Hash 8f3f608199dfc99a74974a708cbed1cfff0d1ba1
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Uploader Anonymous


Extracted from the pack info:

Now let's get to business.

1. The persons' Name must be inputted in the required box. Also the IP can be written, in case the user knows victim's last logged in IP (this helps the hacking process)

2. Press "Start" to begin harvesting some fresh free proxies (note: they are automatically changed every 4-5 days or so) We strongly encourage you to use Proxy, whereas your wrongfully-thought and intentioned activities can be tracked, as they leave a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.

3. Choose the target's country (if the target has it's country hidden or not made public, then the designated field will remain blank)

4. Choose the amount of friends your target has.

5. Select the HACKING METHOD (note: this ste is very important, and depends on your Internet Connection, Ping/Lag, and your AntiVirus) The program comes in with 6 different hacking add-ons, which will run a script and auto-install themselves after the designated button is chosen.

We strongly advise users to try all 6 different add-ons, to familiarize themselves with the hacking process and how an ACCOUNT IS ACTUALLY BEING HACKED.

6. Write down the target's facebook ID (note: you can find this on your browser's URL Navigation Bar, after the'sIDhere)

7. Press Hack to begin the hacking process. Goodluck!

You can always press Help, in case you need to see this message again


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Facebook Hacker v1.9 - 2012 1.1 MB

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