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avast_free_antivirus_setup Serial

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Peers 24
Size 71.6 MB
Date Thursday, 18 October 2012 at 10:03:56
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Category Applications Security
Hash e0bd5a35d4eb7977885a94f3792dfac3d7dc9271
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Program Install

Recommended that you close all open programs before doing the installation program. And also advised to disable Windows Defender program. Due to the fact that the program avast! Free Antivirus antivirus and spyware. The two programs work together may cause the consumption of system resources.
Turn to the folder where you downloaded the installation file. And double-click it to run it.


Due to the fact that the program is reliable and has been downloaded from the company website. Click Yes Yes to allow the file to run.
Installation Wizard will begin the recovery and processing of installation files.

Wait a little until the end of the extraction process.
You will see the following window.

If you do not choose a custom installation Custom installation], you'll see the following window. So you can go to the following steps.
Through this window you can locate the installation program files. Advised not to change the default installation location.

You can specify the path to the installation by clicking on the button [... To open a window Browse and locate the inauguration.
Click the button [Next Next]
Through this window you can choose which components of the program you just installed on your computer.

Click the Custom option Custom], to be able to allocate software components.
Through the list of armor Shields can identify the components you want to use protection.

File Shield: monitors programs and files on your device and examined directly.
Mail Shield: monitors messages and attachments in e-mail programs as Outlook ...
************ Shield: monitors Web browsing and prevent malicious software from reaching.

IM Shield: monitors instant messaging programs as Skype, Windows Live Messenger ...
Network Shield: The network Bmracah and any attempt to malware to injury through the network.

Behavior Shield: monitors files and prevent them while acted malware.
Through the list [Language Language] You can select languages ​​and software interface that will be installed.
Click the button [Next Next]
Following window will appear explaining allocation information selections.

Click the button [Next Next]

If the above and that you install the Google Chrome web browser on your computer, you'll see the following window. So you can go to the following steps.
Through this window you can install the Google Chrome web browser on your computer.

When you choose option [Yes Yes], you agree to install Google Chrome program and agree to
[Terms of Use Terms of Use] and also
[Privacy Policy Privacy Policy] Google Chrome program.
When you choose option [NO], the program will not be installed.
Click the button [Next Next]

Will begin the installation process directly. This process will take approximately a minute.

Wait until the end of the installation process.
Note: we'll give you alerts of Control Center Action Center] during the inauguration.

Beware of clicking on these alerts during the installation process so as not to cause a problem. Ignored or click the Close button at the upper end of the alert.

When the installation is complete the following window will appear.

Button [Finish Finish]

Run the program

You can access the program through three ways

Double-click on the program shortcut on the desktop.

avast!Free Antivirus
Start menu:
You can find the program shortcut inside the folder avast Free Antivirus.

Notification area:
Double-click on the program icon in the notification area (the vicinity of the hour).

Recognition Program

The program icon in the notification area:

May take the program icon several forms
The program scans the files. I do not demand any action.
A protection components are disabled. B enable faulty components.
Disable all protection components. B-enable protection program.

Expired license to use the software. Then register the program.
Summary window SUMMARY:

You can see the current status of the protection of Current Status. And statistics about your Statistics.
Window scan your computer SCAN COMPUTER:

You can make checks Scan Now. And also see records of previous inspections Scan logs.

You can enable and disable protection components. And also change the advanced settings for these components.
Window Maintenance MAINTENANCE:

You can do the update Update. Or register the program Registration. Or watch the files in the book Virus Chest.

Registration program

After installing the program, the program will give you a 30-day deadline to do the registration program for a full year for free. And at the end of the period, which may be renewed once again.

Beware of clicking on these alerts during the process of removing the inauguration so as not to cause a problem.
Ignored or click Close X button at the upper end of the alert.
When the removal is complete installation following window will appear.

Advised to choose [Restart Restart] note that the device will return automatically when you click on the button [Finish Finish].
If you do not want to reboot now, you can choose to restart later Restart later].
Button [Finish Finish]

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