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Shogun 2 was set in narrow geographical areas, with limited sets of units - a comparatively small scale to what's being intended with Rome II. It was designed with a focus on game systems, such as engine polishing and improvements to unit pathing.
With that in place, Rome II is going big - it's bigger than Rome 1 in geographical scale.
The game's key design vision is in taking players from a macro to micro scale, such as jumping from a campaign map to a single unit.
Despite that focus, Rome II is still attempting to make its macro scale bigger - we're guessing the senate will play a large part of that, but Creative Assembly won't say just yet.
As you rise through the ranks, your success will attract less-than-favourable responses from some of your friends. You will almost definitely get betrayed. There's "more human-level drama on the campaign map" in Rome II.
The bigger campaign map has "hundreds" of regions to move your units around, but the game buckets them into provinces to make management easier. The idea is to have you thinking about armies and legions rather than fiddling around with individual units.
Ultimately, the game will allow you to decide whether to favour the republic or become Rome's dictator.
The game's cameras have been redesigned. You can now lock the camera to single units. In this mode it functions like a sort of documentary cam, shaking while the unit walks – it's "a soldier's eye view" according to Creative Assembly.
The demonstration takes place with a scenario set during the Third Punic War, which took place during 149BC to 146BC. The scenario here is the Siege of Carthage.
Rome II: Total War features a new graphics engine, which features particle and deferred lighting.
The game can now combine naval and land battles into the same conflict, including naval invasions: in this demo a Roman ship lands on the coast of Carthage.
Naval units now have more than one ship per unit.
Though expected, we see catapults and ballistae being put to good use.
The demo has a big focus on Roman siege towers, and the snap-to unit camera takes the view of the game inside the siege tower itself.
Conflicts take place over much bigger environments - much of Carthage has been recreated in the demo. To accommodate this extra scale, the game now features a top-down tactical map.
There are multiple ways to capture cities. Walls can be reduced to rubble after they've sustained enough damage, for instance. It's designed to create cat-and-mouse gameplay: "You're not just sitting in the plaza once the walls are breached trying to defend that one area"
There's a real oomph when units engage, with walls of shields colliding.
The new graphics engine can show some impressive fidelity for a game of this scale. We can clearly see that Cathage's walls have graffiti.
Buildings crumble in the background as Carthage deploys its war elephants and the demo ends.
The unit camera has been designed so the game feels like it's "almost Saving Private Ryan at the beaches".
Each unit has its own facial animations, and leaders bark out a stream of orders throughout. each confrontation.
Units react to things, such as their colleagues being slaughtered - the idea is that these aren't idenikit clone armies anymore.
The map he was playing was a scenario about the conquest of Carthage.
Naval warfare and land warfare seems to be combinable in this sense.
Ships can provide covering fire with their ballistas and catapults
The walls are collapsing at different parts (you can also conquer the walls traditionally).
The sheer number of ships and legionnaires is far beyond the numbers of previous games.
The battle map is larger than Shogun 2
New Voices
As they are taking the tower, one officer screams toward his men, "For the honor of Rome!"
You will also see soldiers that will react to the death of one of their comrades
Troop speed and movements seem faster
New feature: by hitting tab, you get a 2D overview of the battlefield, displaying troops with colored symbols (much more detailed than the current radar map); you can't give orders in this mode, however
The development team is currently pondering an ambush system specifically for siege battles. Certain troop types could blockade a street or hide on a side street and then fall into the back of the attackers.
You can no longer simply retreat to the central plaza as a defender, but there will be several capture points within a city.
CA is planning on giving (all or some?) battles scripted content to make each battle feel different.
There will be more variation in the battlefields than ever before in a TW-game.
CA said you'll be able to follow Romes growth from the beginning until the end of the empire, thus giving us some perspective in when the game will take place.
CA will put a great effort in depicting the variation in each and every culture of the different factions and giving each factions a depth. And giving each faction an army and tactic specific for these different factions.
Rome 2 is probably gonna field the greatest number of different units than in any other TW-game.
Ca mentions that spartas general is going the be on foot, not on horse. If you can play as Spartans there is a good chance that the greek city states will be individual factions and not a united one like in Rome 1.
The diplomacy is going to get a great buff.
It has been said that there will be about 50 factions in ROME II. Not entirely confirmed.
When the Creative Assembly announces a new Total War, strategists can not only expect new gameplay features, but also improvements in the presentation, historical battles, especially the graphics, physics, map size and number of combatants. To satisfy the high expectations of the fans, the developers are combining, for the first time in the series, land- and sea battles and introduces a Unit Cam for the observation of the battles on the ground. The selfmade cutting-edge engine uses the potential of the platform PC consequently, including DX11 and multicore support. The programmers Richard Gardner and Charlie Dell explain to us the technical changes necessary for the new features of Rome 2.
The Creative Assembly has worked a lot on the graphics chip and both performance and in-game graphics have been enhanced.

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