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Date Saturday, 22 December 2007 at 08:21:49
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AKA: Alasti
Diary of a Rape
Erotikes fantasioseis tis Lenas, Oi
The Depraved
Verbotene Früchte der Erotik

Upgrade to flailer's still-active 664-MB post here:

Tech Info:
Xvid AVI, 1.598GB, 1h 27m 26s
672 x 416 px, 2,424kbps, 25fps
AC3 audio, 48kHz, 192kbps, 2-ch.
In the original Swedish, no available subtitles.
Why not the full DVD? For several reasons:
The DVD's letterboxed & black-bordered so not viewable fullscreen; it's 5.4GB including 1.6GB of trailers, stills available elsewhere & Swedish-only interviews;
this filesize is accessible to many more pervs; it leaves room for the English-subtitled US release (Synapse?) to be posted as the full DVD (hint, hint).

Cast & Crew:
Christina Lindberg ... Lena Svensson
Heinz Hopf ... Helge
Björn Adelly ... Jan, Lena's boyfriend
Siv Ericks                 ... Jan's Mother
Janne 'Loffe' Carlsson... Lars
Birgitta Molin ... Ulla
Margit Carlqvist ... Lena's Mother
Bert-ke Varg ... Lena's Father
Lennart Lindberg ... Lena's 1st Hitch-Hike
Hkan Westergren ... Taxidermist
Tor Isedal ... Party Guest

Directed by Gustav Wiklund
Written by Tony Forsberg & Gustav Wiklund
Produced by Ingemar Ejve & Gustav Wiklund
Original Music by Berndt Egerbladh & Ralph Lundsten
Cinematography by Tony Forsberg
Film Editing by Ingemar Ejve
Sound mixing by Bengt Löthner

Lena is alone in the city while her parents are on vacation. She's torn between her innocent boyfriend and the older, more experienced and sadistic sociopath Helge. She tells Jan about Helge. He gets angry and slaps her, so she runs away and hitches a lift with the promiscuous and friendly couple Lars and Ulla, whom she takes to Jan's mother's summer cabin. The day after, Jan finds her there and takes her back to the city, where she is yet again drawn to Helge. Lena's memories, the present and her fantasies are frequently mixed.

"I can't say a lot about the film as it's in Swedish with no subtitles. That's a shame because Christina's character Lena had a lot of dialogue and it would have been interesting to hear what she had to say. Anyway, Christina plays a young girl who, after a row with her boyfriend, hitchhikes across the Swedish countryside, meets up with a couple of nudists, and spends some time at their log cabin. Her boyfriend eventually finds her and takes her back to the city where unbeknown to him she continues an affair with an older pervy man.

"Exponerad is quite surreal and is told in flashbacks and dreamlike sequences. There is a lot of nudity: Christina spends most of her time in various states of undress and you get a bondage scene and an attempted rape on our beautiful heroine too. IMDb has a tag line for this film that states it was banned in 36 countries. After watching this film I have to say I can't see why: there's nothing  explicit enough to have warranted that.

"If you're a Christina Lindberg fan watch this film. You won't be disappointed. Non-fans or anyone expecting an exploitation classic along the lines of 'Thriller' will probably be disappointed."


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