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Agregado Wednesday, 27 November 2013 at 05:40:47
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SRS Audio Sandbox Review SRS Audio Sandbox is a tool that modifies and improves the quality of the sound generated by your PC. It is an application for those who appreciate a decent quality and look to get better results. This software is a good program for computers which are not equipped with advanced sound cards. SRS Audio Sandbox emulates a professional card to obtain great quality and it offers similar functionality but using software instead. It works fine even for your videogames, enhancing the audio effects. It supports all the popular media players, so you will be free to use it without worrying about compatibility issues with your PC. How to use SRS Audio Sandbox is pretty simple to use. SRS Audio Sandbox features a graphic equalizer, so you can adjust each band according to your preferences. The application has different default settings that can help you if you are a beginner. The tool runs in the background and enhances the sound player on all music programs, DVD movies, etc. The program brings you some ΓÇ£slidersΓÇ¥ with which you will be free you to customize lots of settings. Trubass Level increases the perceived bass as you turn it up. Speaker size works this way: the smaller your speakers, the higher you set this slider. SRS Focus Level makes everything louder even when itΓÇÖs still at the same volume. Room Size creates a virtual surround effect when used with headphones. Also, the program enhances audio in video games using a variety of effects to enhance color, tone, etc. SRS Audio Sandbox is equipped with a graphic equalizer and many default profiles configured to suit the needs of audio. The software is compatible with the popular media players to avoid compatibility issues. SRS Audio Sandbox Features Here you can see some of the features of this program: Easy-to-use interface design Amazing surround which runs from 2 speakers, using technology of SRS Labs state of art audio enhancement Deep & rich bass, that also works in small speakers Loads of presets for your videos, music, and games Custom settings for 2 or more headphones or speakers

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